99/11/20 3:21
Derek [DerekNguyen318@hotmail.com]
I like this drama alot but I can not watch it
anymore because the distributor of this
film has been halted. I don't know what is
the problem is, so please, FTV please do
something about this. I have only watch 10
episode and it stop. Please do something
about this, I really want to watch the rest
of the series.

99/11/20 2:44
99/11/19 [DerekNguyen318@hotmail.com]
I love this show. I rank it 10/10 and it was
one of my favourite. The story and theme of
this show capture my attention at the
beginning of the first episode. I wanted to
learn more about this series but I can't
because the FTV webpage don't have an
English version. So therefore, I suggest
FTV should make an English version of
their webpage because there are alot of
audience around the world trying to learn
more about the series. And if anyone know
the name of the female leading
actress or actor, please e-mail and let me
know with their English and Chines or
Taiwaness name.


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